Unusual patterns of jellyfish sightings reflect the state our seas

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports on unusual patterns of UK jellyfish monitored by the Marine Conservation Society during 2013.  According to the charity, jellyfish populations are “important indicators of the state of our seas”.

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Diabetics denied access to prescriptions for vital blood testing strips

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports on a survey by the charity Diabetes UK.  The findings reveal alarming facts about the difficulties experienced by people with diabetes in accessing blood testing strips within the NHS. The charity warns of serious long-term health complications and consequent increased costs for the NHS.

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Access to water, sanitation, and hygiene linked to height increase in young children

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports on evidence from studies of children across several countries which suggests that access to water, sanitation and hygiene may boost growth in young children under the age of five years. The Cochrane Review identifies a height increase of 0.5cm.

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Concern about ocean iron levels: implications for reduced ocean uptake of CO2

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook examines an article which reports large regional variations in the presence of iron in our oceans.  This is important because ocean iron plays a vital role in determining the rate at which oceans absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. This absorption – and its rate – are critically important to the rate and  extent  of global warming and so affects the prospects for human survival.

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D-Wave Two: the world’s second commercial quantum computer

A superfast computer that apparently uses quantum physical effects to perform tasks 3,600 times faster than standard computers is to be shared by Google, NASA and the non-profit Universities Space Research Association (USRA).  This is the world’s second commercial quantum computer to be made. The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports..

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Curing blindness: significant breakthrough using stem cells

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports on a major breakthrough by British scientists in the field of retinal therapy. For the first time, light sensitive retinal cells, grown from stem cells, have been successfully implanted in the retinas of blind mice. Described as a significant step towards curing blindness, the work could have a significant impact on stem cell therapy for patients with untreatable eye diseases.

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Fertility care for young female cancer patients needs to be improved

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports on a new study which reveals shortcomings in the way doctors deal with the issue of fertility preservation in young cancer patients, prior to their cancer treatment.

According to a new study by Sheffield University and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, teenage girls and young women with cancer are unhappy about the way doctors discuss fertility options prior to starting cancer treatment.

To read full article- http://parliamentaryinformationoffice.org/blogs/fertility-care-for-young-female-cancer-patients-needs-to-be-improved/

Under threat: Olympic legacy on school sport

As Britain officially hands over responsibility for the Olympic games to Japan, the Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook examines evidence from the Commons Education Select Committee concerning the Olympic legacy on school sport.

The cross-party Commons Education Select Committee recently examined the issue of ‘school sport following London 2012’.  The Committee heard questions and comments from MPs, as well as evidence from a number of witnesses.   With respect to the Olympic legacy on school sport, the Committee considered whether, as widely mooted, the “opportunity to ‘inspire a generation’ and build on the success of last year’s Olympics” as envisaged by the Prime Minister had in fact been missed. They also considered the “legacy” in terms of the School Games, school facilities, and the identification of future elite athletes..

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Fruit consumption associated with reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook reports on research recently published in the British Medical Journal which shows that eating certain whole fruits (as opposed to fruit juice) significantly reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a progressive lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high.  Within the UK, approximately 2.9 million people are affected by the condition.  An additional 850,000 people are believed to have diabetes but remain undiagnosed.  The disease exists in two forms: type 1 and type 2.  Type 2 diabetes is the most common form, affecting 90% of all adults with diabetes.  It typically affects people over the age of 40, but increasingly younger people are being affected..

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Increase in alcohol-related deaths in young women identified

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook examines a new research report which compares patterns of alcohol-related death rates in three major British cities. The report reveals a worrying rise in alcohol-related death rates of young women, particularly those now in their 30s and 40s who were born in the 1970s.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in 2011 there were 8,748 alcohol-related deaths in the UK and last year a UK conference on addiction heard that one in 8 deaths of UK adults aged 15-64 years is caused by alcohol. In Europe, alcohol consumption is more than double the worldwide average, and in the UK it represents the biggest addiction..

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